Have you ever heard of the Moringa tree?

I hadn’t until a few weeks ago.

The Discovery Channel did a special report about it a while ago. They shared that many cultures have been using it for generations, with different names for the same tree. They call it the “Miracle Tree”.

Zija International uses the Moringa Tree to create a variety of health products. Zija recently celebrated their 10-year anniversary. I became an Zija Independent Distributor the end of February and started using the products.

I was blown away by the Zija Oil. I had a small Basel Cell removed from my forehead a couple months ago and the wound was taking quite a while to heal. I put a little bit of the oil on the would over night and the next morning it was much better. It kind of acted like Aloe Vera.

Please visit my Miracle Tree page for more details.

Be well.