What are Trapped Emotions?

Our body is made up of cells & atoms which are energy. We are essentially energy beings.
We have all experienced extreme emotion. Either directly or indirectly by just witnessing someone else having that experience. We feel the energy frequency of those emotions. Our thoughts & emotions are energy. Even extreme happy emotions can impact our body.

What can happen is that your body can take on or absorb the energy of the emotion. That energy can become stuck or trapped in our body. That energy can vary in size from the size of a walnut to a cantaloupe. That energy can then disrupt the normal flow of energy in our body which can have a wide range of symptoms from an ache to the malfunction of organs. It can impact us for the rest of our lives. Those trapped emotions can end up unconsciously controlling your life.

Not only do these interfere with the energy in our body, we tend to experience those emotions frequently or most of the time. This can then further trap that emotion. These trapped emotions contribute to depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and self-sabotage. Thus, when a trapped emotion is removed, it usually improves how people feel emotionally.

When the trapped emotion is removed, or released, that trapped energy works its way out of the body. That process can be instant or take a few hours to a few days to complete. During that period, you may be more sensitive or even feel that emotion that is being released from your body. Again, you may or may not experience that. During the releasing process, I advise people to be aware of that potential and just acknowledge it – don’t hang on to it. You most likely will notice a change in how you feel or react to things after the release. Some people notice a huge shift while others it is more gradual.

While releasing a trapped emotion you may feel tired, then have a lot of energy, or the other way around. You may want to eat or not at all. You feel achy and want to sleep. You might feel emotional for a while, like echoes of the emotion being released. If you experience any of these things, don’t be alarmed, it will pass. These feelings will pass and you will feel better. I personally have not had anyone experience anything major. They have felt the echoes of the emotions or just felt tired or feel “off”. Those things only lasted for part of the next day. Most people didn’t feel anything or just felt relaxed or like a weight had been lifted.

As I mentioned earlier, trapped emotions disrupt the natural flow of energy in that area of your body which can result in physical or emotional symptoms. By releasing them, the natural energy flow is restored. You should notice an improvement in the area where the emotion was trapped.

Most people have heard about the aura around our body. That is an energy field. Depending on what is going on with the body, the aura can change in strength and color. Some of the change is the result of trapped emotions impacting the natural flow of energy.

How are trapped emotions released?

The process of removing a trapped emotion can be done either in person or remotely (by proxy).

I can energetically connect with the person, scan for trapped emotions and identify them so they can be released. Then I begin the releasing process. When I connect remotely, if possible, I try to connect while they are sleeping so that the body can process the release while the body is resting. While not required, it seems to work well.

Sometimes an emotion cannot be released without more information. If this happens, I talk with the person and try to clarify the situation or event that caused the emotion to become trapped. Maybe it was during a certain age range or location. I don’t need to know all the details. Usually just acknowledging they recall an event is enough to bring it to the surface and then it can be released.

We can ask more details such as the age when this emotion became trapped; if it was your own emotion or from someone else; and whether it was inherited. While these details are not usually required, they can be interesting and provide insight. When an inherited trapped emotion is released, it is released from everyone that inherited it and the person they got it from. For example, say a woman has an inherited trapped emotion that she got from her mother. When that emotion is released from her, it is also released from her siblings that may have also inherited it from their mother. Each of them will process the release of that emotion as described earlier and most likely feel that specific emotion as it bubbles to the surface and is released.

Our Heart also can be impacted

Trapped emotions can also form a wall around your heart (a Heart Wall) which impacts your life in many ways. It may have been created to protect you from being hurt again, but it also blocks your heart energy, which affects your relationships.

Just as our body has an aura, our heart has its own energy field which is much stronger and extends out from our body much further than our aura. I think of our heart’s energy field as our soul’s aura. Have you ever walked into a room and got bad or good vibes? Maybe you didn’t like the “energy” in the room. I think that is coming from the heart’s energy field of the people in the room. If most of them are negative, and you’re a positive person, you will feel uneasy and, like a magnet, pushed away. If you are positive and the room is very positive and lots of energy, you will be drawn to it.

I bring up the heart’s energy field because, I believe, it plays a large role in our relationships. Have you ever heard the phrase, “open your heart”? The creator of the Emotion Code shared a story about having lunch with a woman that told him she was frustrated about still being single and seemed like she was invisible to men. He checked and she had a Heart Wall. He removed the emotions that made up the wall, thus removing it. She felt lighter and within minutes, a man walking by their table stopped and told her he doesn’t usually do this, but he was drawn to her and asked her on a date. What a coincidence. For Heart Walls, we can even ask how thick it is, what material it is made out of, and how many trapped emotions make up the wall.

Multiple Emotions can form a “Cluster”

Sometimes an event can cause several emotions at the same time, and if strong enough, it can create a “cluster” of emotions that are joined together. To release a cluster, first, you need to identify it as being a cluster and then identify & release each emotion in the cluster.

Hidden in plain sight

Some of these trapped emotions, and Heart Walls, can be “hidden”. Once we identify them as being hidden, we can then use the normal process to release them.

How many do we have?

As you can see, trapped emotions can have a wide variety of impacts to our body, mind, and life in general. The average adult has about 300-400 trapped emotions. I think that is if they have not had any major trauma in their life. As I stated earlier, many of the trapped emotions are not our own. Someone that was near us experienced them and those emotions got trapped in our body.

How I got started

Before I started using the Emotion Code, I had been experiencing stabbing pain in my abdomen. I have had many surgeries over the years and my doctors told me I most likely had some adhesions causing the stabbing feeling. They said one end of the adhesion was probably attached to my intestine and the other end to my abdominal wall. When the intestine naturally moves, it was tugging on the abdominal wall. If they attempted to do another surgery, just by opening me up, it would cause more adhesions so I needed to just live with it. When I discovered how to release trapped emotions, I released one, and immediately the stabbing pain went away and never came back. As I continued to explore the Emotion Code, I discovered I have a natural ability to connect remotely with people several thousand miles away and use the Emotion Code on them.

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